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Andrew Tate could be released from hellhole prison & put on house arrest as he faces new court hearing TODAY – The Sun

Mar 19, 2023
The former kickboxer has been behind bars since December 29

ANDREW Tate could be freed from his hellhole prison cell and placed on house arrest, in a new court hearing today.

The disgraced influencer, 36, is having his first bail hearing this afternoon since being detained over two months ago.

Andrew and Tristan Tate will have bail hearings this weekCredit: EPA


The former kickboxer has been behind bars since December 29Credit: Instagram/@cobratate

He and brother Tristan, 34, have been languishing in a Romanian jail since they were arrested amid a probe into human trafficking and rape allegations on December 29.

Tate has been going to and from the court as his legal team fight against the arrest warrant and the extensions to his detention.

Romanian cops can keep Tate under arrest for up to 180 days – but have to apply for 30 day extensions to his detention.

The maximum time he can be under arrest until is June 27.

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But now, his team are not challenging the arrest warrant – instead they are requesting bail that would see Tate potentially released under house arrest.

It is the first time the Romanian judges will discuss his formal request to be released from police custody amid the ongoing investigation.

Andrew will have his hearing today, with Tristan due to have his hearing tomorrow – and their “angel” Georgiana Naghel will have hers on March 16.

The Tates had previously appealed at the Bucharest Court of Appeal as they challenged their arrest and the extensions of the warrant.

But today their legal team will be taking to the main Bucharest Court.

The Tates can be released to house arrest if the judge decides the measure is “safe” and does not endanger the investigation.

Judges will have three days to deliberate their decision after each of the hearings for the two Tates and Naghel.

A spokesman for Andrew and Tristan told The Sun: “Last week, the Romanian judicial system approved a bail hearing for Andrew and Tristan Tate.

“This will take place, for the first time since their arrest, on Tuesday (March 14) for Andrew Tate and Wednesday (March 15), for Tristan Tate.

“Contrary to speculation, this bail hearing is not based on medical grounds neither were the previous appeals.”

Tate last week denied rumours he has cancer after it was confirmed he had a “dark spot on his lung”.

A message on his Twitter insisted the scar on his lung “is from an old battle” after the medical details were released.

If Tate is successful in his hearing and the prosecution does not appeal against it, he will be placed under house arrest.

But if prosecutors appeal the decision, the former kickboxer will remain in a cell until it is approved or rejected.

If the appeal is upheld, Tate will remain in jail – but if dismissed and the bail approval stands, he will be released from prison.

It comes after a judge last month rejected Tate’s latest appeal against his arrests and ordered him to spend another 30 days behind bars.

The brothers had already lost two previous appeals against prior 30-day extensions that have kept them behind bars while investigations continued.

Tate has repeatedly moaned about life behind bars on social media and through emails to his subscribers.

In an email, he complained about the “blistering cold” while being “locked in a box”.

And in another, he launched a thinly veiled attack on his supporters from his jail cell, saying he needs “better people”.

They have been detained for more than 10 weeks amid allegations of human trafficking, organised crime and rape – with their “angels” Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu also under investigation.

They deny all allegations against them.

The brothers have had all their appeals for release denied as Romanian authorities consider them a flight risk.

They can be held for up to 180 days should further detention extensions be granted by the courts – meaning they can be detained until June 27.

Misogynist influencer Tate built up an image that appealed to teenage boys – creating an online empire that made him one of the most searched people on Google.

Masquerading as lifestyle advice, much of the content is considered highly sexist and is seen as promoting violence against women.

His influence has had a worrying spread amongst young men and boys, with one UK MP saying he is “brainwashing” children.

Tate initially gained fame after a short-lived appearance on Big Brother.

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He was dumped from the reality show after alleged footage of him beating a woman emerged online.

Since then he has sparked revulsion and outrage with a wave of warped content online.

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