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Nearly 50 percent of voters think Rishi Sunak is trying to “water down” or “reverse” Brexit, an exclusive poll for has found. The poll, conducted by Techne UK for, asked voters whether they think Rishi Sunak’s Government is trying to water down or reverse Brexit. A total of 46 percent of people answered yes, while 44 percent said no.

Some 10 percent of people said they don’t know.

Marco Longhi, a member of the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, last week said the UK Government hasn’t “delivered on the benefits of Brexit”.

He told that the people of the UK will “judge” the Conservative party based on its ability to deliver on this.

The MP for Dudley North said: “What we absolutely must do is to deliver on the benefits of Brexit.

“Huge swathes of this country voted for this Government because it believed in Brexit and we haven’t delivered on the benefits of Brexit.

“So whether it be making a bonfire of EU laws, whether it be NI, whether it be trade barriers or controlling our borders, this is what the people of this country will judge us by.

“Fiscal policy will come and go, the number of people paying tax can change year to year, but what cannot change is our promise to the people of this country under Brexit. The clock is ticking.”

The poll found that 2019 Conservative voters and 2016 Leave voters were less critical of Mr Sunak’s approach to the EU.

Of those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, 34 percent said he is trying to water down Brexit. But 54 percent disagreed.

Of those who voted to remain in the EU, the results were almost the opposite with 55 percent saying he is trying to water down or reverse Brexit and 37 percent saying he is not.

Nearly two-thirds (66 percent) of 2019 Conservative voters said Mr Sunak is not trying to water down Brexit, with just 29 percent saying he is. 

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister was forced to rule out the possibility of a Swiss-style deal with the EU, after speculation that the Government was considering it.

Speaking at the CBI conference in Birmingham on Monday, Mr Sunak said: “I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit.

“I know that Brexit can deliver, and is already delivering, enormous benefits and opportunities for the country.”

He added that the UK has the opportunity to establish trade deals with “the world’s fastest-growing economies”.

Ministers have denied the claims that Government is considering a Swiss-style deal, with Downing Street sources rejecting it as “categorically untrue”.

Earlier this month, Downing Street confirmed a bonfire of EU law retained after Brexit is set to go ahead by the 2023 deadline.

This came after fears the deadline could be pushed back following the discovery of 1,400 extra pieces of legislation on top of the 2,400 already known about.

The poll, conducted by Techne UK between November 23 and November 24, spoke to 1,625 adults. 

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