Care workers in UK earn below the minimum wage, as 165,000 posts are vacant, report says | UK | News

Typical hourly pay for frontline staff is £10.90 – below the economy-wide average of £14.47 – according to the Resolution Foundation.

It is less than other low-paid jobs such as transport and call centres and below the £11.14-an-hour average rate for public sector nursing assistants.

The report said domiciliary care workers were rarely paid for their travel time between clients’ homes, despite this being included in minimum wage calculations.

It said a typical carer on £11.07 an hour and spending the average amount of time travelling between clients would be paid an effective hourly rate of £9.20 – 30p an hour below the £9.50 adult minimum wage. 

Nye Cominetti, of the Resolution Foundation, said: “Addressing these problems isn’t cost-free but it is urgent, given the chronic shortage of care workers.”

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