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Chaos at Brit holiday hotspot airport as Brits PASS OUT in three-hour queues amid workers strike – The Sun

Mar 17, 2023
People were reportedly getting very "agitated" by the long, hot wait time

HUNDREDS of British tourists have been left to overheat and faint in horrific queues at a Portuguese airport following unscheduled strike action.

Footage shows the nightmare scenes of holidaymakers crammed into tight and stuffy queues and looking exhausted at Faro Airport in Southern Portugal.

Brit tourists were left stranded and cramped for hours in the carnageCredit: Twitter


People were reportedly getting very “agitated” by the long, hot wait timeCredit: Twitter

The situation at passport control became so terrible that a child allegedly fainted and had to be attended to by paramedics, the Daily Mail reports.

Another witness, Sam Jones from Essex, explained that he had been stuck in the queue for over four hours and people had been forced to line up all over the escalators and stairs.

He had been stuck in the queue since 10.55am this morning and had lost his friends in the carnage.

The crowd apparently became increasingly “agitated” when only two border control officers were left to deal with the mess due to to striking staff.

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Jones was “pretty certain” that at one point during the day the only two remaining border control staff had “gone for lunch and left us all here”.

“People are shouting and getting agitated and its very hot,” said Jones.

“I can’t imagine we are going anywhere soon.”

Portugal Resident reported that passengers were fearful of a riot happening as more and more of the travellers missed their flights.

“My daughter landed today in Faro at 10.05am. She, along with hundreds of others, is still not through passport control.

“Three and a half hours later, people are fainting. Another six flights landed behind her, she is scared that a riot is about to happen,” the mother told the outlet.

“It’s bedlam at Faro Airport,” another said.

The news comes as British Passport Office workers revealed today that they will be striking for five weeks from April 3 to May 5 over longstanding issues relating to jobs, pay and conditions.

More than 1,000 passport office workers are expected to walk out – a quarter of the workforce.

Meanwhile, British tourists have been warned of passport chaos when travelling to Spain this summer.

Holidaymakers heading for Spain’s most popular holiday hotspots are facing “completely unacceptable” queues and delays at passport controls this summer.

The alert was sounded by the Spanish association of airlines, ALA.

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However, in order to help passengers avoid missing flights a travel expert has revealed her best tips to being speedy.

Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revealed better ways for passengers to waste less time at security checks.

The chaotic scenes at faro Airport were allegedly caused by an unscheduled strike by passport control staff


The chaotic scenes at faro Airport were allegedly caused by an unscheduled strike by passport control staffCredit: Twitter

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