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Ian Blackford has promised to “flesh out the details” of a Scottish exit from the United Kingdom as the SNP look to force through a referendum at the next general election. Despite the UK’s highest authority ruling that an independence vote could not go ahead without the consent of the British Government, the SNP’s Westminster leader suggested a mechanism such as Article 50 in relation to Brexit should be in place for Scotland’s departure. Mr Blackford then said the SNP had to “show people we can deliver the hope” of Scottish independence.

Mr Blackford said: “When we go back to Brexit, you and I will remember all the debates that took place. 

“In particular, [conversations were had] about the triggering of Article 50, because that is the mechanism for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. 

“What is the mechanism for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom with Westminster continuing to say ‘No’? 

“And I have to say that while there is a bit of triumphalism from some in the Tory side, in particular, I think we need to reflect very carefully on how this is going to look in Scotland because people are legitimately asking the question of what rights do we have to be able to leave this union.”

Asked if he could guarantee leaving the United Kingdom would improve Scotland’s economy, as well as how long that would take to be realised, Mr Blackford said: “I promise you that we will. 

“I hope, at some point, to have a longer discussion about this because I am determined to go into the details of it with people that are interested. 

“So, for example, when I am finished with this interview today, I am going into a discussion with two individuals about agreed industrial strategy. 

“I am absolutely determined that we flesh out the details of this and show people exactly what we are trying to do and how we will deliver the different policies because that is what is necessary. 

“We have got to show people we can deliver the hope, not just some kind of slogan on the side of a bus, as we had with Brexit.” 

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