January 26 - On this day: 52 years since the Industrial Relations Bill row | History | News

We also reported that cult leader Charles Manson and three of his girl followers had been found guilty of the murders of actress Sharon Tate, 26, and six others on a two-day killing spree in Los Angeles in August 1969. Manson died in prison in November 2017.

71 years ago (1952) Egypt’s King Farouk declared martial law amid a wave of anti-British riots in Cairo. Some 750 British-owned businesses were burned and looted.

Farouk was deposed in a coup in 1954 while the last British officials left the country in 1956 following the Suez Crisis.

25 years ago (1998) Speaking at a White House news conference, President Clinton denied an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky and rejected accusations that he asked her to lie about their relationship under oath.

But he admitted the affair in a speech to the Grand Jury the following August.

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