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Moment doctor is kicked out of Texas Senate after branding gender reassignment surgeons ‘pedophiles’ – The Daily Mail

Mar 19, 2023

A controversial doctor and GOP activist was booted from the Texas Senate after he erupted into a furious rant about gender reassignment procedures for minors, branding its proponents ‘pedophiles’. 

Houston M.D. Steven Hotze, 72, used his time speaking before the Senate State Affairs Committee to denounce proposed transgender legislation, arguing that its ‘pedophile proponents sexualize children in order to groom them’. 

His raging remarks led to a tense back and forth with Democratic Texas State Senator José Menéndez, where the two men began arguing across the legislature floor.  

Despite making several outlandish remarks, including saying that gender reassignment surgeons should drown themselves, Hotze was only kicked out of the session after he broke Senate rules on swearing. 

As well as running his medical practice, Hotze is a conservative radio host and alleged conspiracy theorist who has launched lawsuits against HIV medication and claimed that birth control pills make women ‘less attractive to men’. 

Houston doctor Steven Hotze, left, was kicked out of the Texas Senate on Thursday after a furious rant, including branding gender reassignment surgeons ‘pedophiles’ 

The two men erupted during a hearing to debate Texas Senate Bill 14, which would legislate over ‘gender transitioning, gender reassignment, or gender dysphoria’ among minors, according to LegiScan

Coming out in support of the bill, Hotze said he believed the legislation would ‘protect children from the abuse by the transgender medical industry’. 

He continued by branding transgender proponents as having a ‘wicked, perverted, immoral lifestyle’. 

‘These child molesters should be punished,’ Hotze said. 

‘These pedophiles are now promoting transgender sex change drugs and sex mutilation surgery on children.’ 

Amid references to various bible verses, the doctor repeated his claim that transgender advocates are ‘pedophiles’. 

However, the doctor then stunningly said those that aid gender reassignment procedures would be ‘better to put a millstone around your neck and throw yourself in the sea and drown.’ 

‘The idea that a man can claim to be a woman, or vice versa, is absurd and unscientific,’ he added. ‘It is a perversion of the god given natural order.’ 

Texas State Senator José Menéndez, pictured, became embroiled in a furious spat with the doctor following his tirade

Texas State Senator José Menéndez, pictured, became embroiled in a furious spat with the doctor following his tirade 

Hotze has had several previous run-ins with LGBT advocates, including branding gay people 'termites' in 2016

Hotze has had several previous run-ins with LGBT advocates, including branding gay people ‘termites’ in 2016

Hotze’s aggressive remarks caught the ire of State Senator Menendez, who appeared to become emotional as he slammed the frequent references of transgender individuals as ‘pedophiles’. 

The two men argue back and forth in footage for several minutes, during which a voice believed to be Menendez could be heard whispering ‘Wow, wow, wow’ throughout. 

He said: ‘Doctor Hotze, I know you’re a medical doctor and a professional. I would just ask you to refrain from calling people pedophiles, because I don’t think the doctors that have come before us today are pedophiles.’

‘By definition they are pedophiles,’ Hotze fired back. 

Menendez said that while the doctor may ‘have your reasons’ for coming out for the legislation, he added: ‘I don’t think it is appropriate for you to call people you don’t know pedophiles.’ 

‘But I do know,’ Hotze argued.

‘I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community, and what you do when you call them [pedophiles], it’s very hurtful to them,’ Menendez said, before Hotze again answered with ‘That’s what they are.’ 

After interrupting each other several times, the state senator said: ‘(Trans people) are not pedophiles, they’re living as their true selves.’ 

This led Hotze to sharply shout: ‘That’s bull****’ – at which point Republican State Senator and committee chair Bryan Hughes kicked him out of the session. 

Hotze’s foul-mouthed tirade is not his first run in with LGBT advocates. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the doctor compared gay people to ‘termites’ at a conservative conference in 2016, arguing that they ‘eat away at the very moral fabric of the foundation of our country.’ 

He publicly backed Donald Trump’s debunked claims the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and he is reportedly under criminal indictment on two charges for his alleged involvement in a ‘voter fraud’ investigation fiasco that led PI to hold an air conditioning repairman at gunpoint. 

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