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Academy Award-winning singer Irene Cara, 63, ( second from the left) was found dead inside her Florida home following a previous death hoax
Elon Musk announces 'amnesty' for suspended Twitter accounts 
The workers brew and distribute Greene King’s products - including IPA, Old Speckled Hen and Abbot Ale - will walk out for five days from December 5 (file photo)
Tyneka Johnson
Captain Roger Lanier
Protesters gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this year as it became clear the Supreme Court was on a course to overturn Roe v Wade and strip abortion rights from women
President Joe Biden sent condolences to families who will 'have empty seats this Thanksgiving' after a Virginia mass shooting at a Walmart left six dead
Tyneka Johnson, 22, is among the six people shot dead by a Walmart gunman in Chesapeake last night At 10.10pm last night, the shooter opened fire in a break room of the store. It's unclear if the rampage was contained to the break room or if he ventured into the store
Firefighters were seen at the site of a fire caused by a Russian missile strike in Kyiv today
Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy pop star, 'found dead in his bathtub' aged 34