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High gas prices and the Inflation Reduction Act's green subsidies are leaving many Europeans to wonder whether or not the U.S. is still an ally
President Joe Biden (right) makes a look as he (from left) Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden, baby Beau Biden and first lady Jill Biden attend Nantucket's annual tree lighting. The tree didn't light up on first try Friday evening
President Joe Biden demanded the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stop the 'freedom convoy' that protested at the US-Canada border against vaccine mandates, right before Trudeau invoked emergency powers to end it
'Do you think I need it?' President Joe Biden said when asked when he would be completing his annual physical - after turning 80 last week. 'Part of my physical is already done and I'll be getting it before the end of the year,' he then answered
President Joe Biden called the sale of semiautomatic weapons 'sick' and continued to call for an assault weapons ban and better red flag laws in the wake of mass shootings at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart and a Colorado Springs LGBTQ club
Joe Biden sees himself as the only Democrat who can 'slay' Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election
Conservatives have taken the first shot at the credibility of Jack Smith (pictured), who was appointed by AG Merrick Garland as the special counsel overseeing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump
THE BIDEN FAMILY ARRIVES: (from left) President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, Ashley Biden, Melissa Cohen, baby Beau Biden and Hunter Biden step off Air Force One for their Nantucket Thanksgiving break Tuesday night where they will discuss 2024 campaign
What was abnormal is that the media was banned. Even the Democrat-sympathetic reporters were a bit shocked.
President Joe Biden sent condolences to families who will 'have empty seats this Thanksgiving' after a Virginia mass shooting at a Walmart left six dead