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New York magazine journalist Jonathan Chait predicts Donald Trump (left) will endorse Ron DeSantis (right) if the Florida governor beats him to the 2024 presidential nomination (Trump and DeSantis are pictured together in November 2019)
MSNBC's Joy Reid has attacked Thanksgiving calling it a 'simplistic fairytale' based on a lie Republicans rely on to cover up America being founded on 'genocide'
Maryland's outgoing Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is laying the groundwork to challenge former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. He appeared in Nevada, an early caucus and vital swing state last week
Top Republicans in the Florida legislature looked poised to change a law that would force Gov. Ron DeSantis to resign if he launched a 2024 presidential run
Abe Hamadeh, Republican candidate for attorney general of Arizona, has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to prevent certification of his opponent's win, even as it looks certain to go to a recount
Two women have come forward to accuse Herschel Walker of pressuring them to have abortions. On Tuesday, one repeated her allegations to ask if he had the 'guts' to meet her in public and again deny ever knowing her. He is in a run-off for the Georgia Senate seat
Donald Trump's fraud case got an October 2, 2023 court date, and his lawyer suggested he will appear to testify in the lawsuit from NY AG Letitia James
The unofficial results of the Alaska Senate and House races will be revealed Wednesday night – more than two weeks after Election Day. The results are more than likely to show moderate GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski emerging victorious over Trump-backed Republican Kelly Tshibaka
'McCarthy has no plan. The Republican Party has no plan. They do nothing except do political stunts,' Jean-Pierre told reporters about the GOP-led trip in a news briefing
A new poll exhibits the continued decline of Donald Trump's influence over the GOP with more Iowa Republican voters claiming they would favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a primary over the former president