Chris Christie lays into Trump at 2024 campaign launch

Former New Jersey governor and 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie appeared before Americans on Monday night in a town hall hosted by CNN.

During the event, Mr Christie tore into Donald Trump, accusing the former president of “vanity run amok.

“The conduct in there is awful,” Mr Christie said of the former president’s recent indictment.

The former New Jersey governor also claimed that Mr Trump – who he compared to “Voldemort” – wanted to blame him for supposedly being the “Patient Zero” of a Covid-19 superspreader event, when the two men contracted the virus in 2020.

In reality, he says Mr Trump sought his assurance that he would not blame him for infecting those present at a debate preparation session — where Mr Trump had not told attendees that he had tested positive for the virus that morning.

Less than a week ago, Mr Christie officially entered the already-packed race for the Republican nomination joining Mr Trump, former vice president Mike Pence, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and more.

Thus far, the former New Jersey official is polling well behind the rest of the Republican frontrunners, barely cracking one per cent support.


Chris Christie criticises Republicans defending Donald Trump

Chris Christie urged Republicans who are defending Donald Trump to stop going after the Department of Justice and start holding Mr Trump accountable during his town hall on CNN.

“We’re here and we’re in a situation where there are people in my own party who are blaming DOJ. How about, blame him?” Mr Christie said.

Several MAGA-aligned Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kari Lake have viciously defended Mr Trump despite the federal indictment charging Mr Trump with 37 counts related to the retention of national defence information.

“He did it. He took documents he wasn’t supposed to take, he kept them when they asked him back for them, they got a grand jury subpoena, he refused to comply, they raided his home finally because he refused to comply – all those things were brought on himself as was this indictment,” Mr Christie added

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Trump fires back at Christie’s town hall comments

Donald Trump clearly tuned into his one-time ally turned rival’s town hall on Monday night.

In a Truth Social statement, he claimed that Chris Christie fixated on the word “small” throughout the CNN interview.

“How many times did Chris Christie use the word SMALL? Does he have a psychological problem with SIZE? Actually, his speech was SMALL, and not very good,” he wrote.

“It rambled all over the place, and nobody had a clue of what he was talking about. Hard to watch, boring, but that’s what you get from a failed Governor (New Jersey) who left office with a 7% approval rating and then got run out of New Hampshire,” barked the former president. “This time, it won’t be any different!”

Rachel Sharp13 June 2023 13:50


Christie’s new nickname for Trump

While Chris Christie pushed back on Donald Trump’s childish namecalling about his weight, he had his own nickname for the former president: Voldemort.

Rachel Sharp13 June 2023 13:20


WATCH: Chris Christie refutes 2020 election conspiracies

Chris Christie is one of the few well-known Republicans willing to admit that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

During his CNN town hall on Monday, the former New Jersey governor continued to call out Mr Trump’s conspiracies on the subject, telling the audience members, “There’s no evidence.”

Watch more of his take below.

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Chris Christie says Trump wanted to pin Covid outbreak on him

The former New Jersey governor claimed that Mr Trump – who he compared to “Voldemort” – wanted to blame him for supposedly being the “Patient Zero” of a Covid-19 superspreader event.

The two men contracted the virus in 2020, with Mr Christie ending up in the ICU.

While allegedly seeking to pin the blame for the outbreak on Mr Christie, in reality, Mr Trump sought the former governor’s assurance that he would not blame him for infecting those present at a debate preparation session, Mr Christie said.

Mr Trump had tested positive for the virus on the morning of the session but did not disclose it.

Rachel Sharp13 June 2023 12:20


Chris Christie, the ever-changing Trump ally

Chris Christie may have harsh words for Donald Trump now, but the New Jersey governor was once one of the New York billionaire’s biggest backers.

Last week, the Democratic party put out an ad spotlighting some of the many times Mr Christie has voiced his support.

Josh Marcus13 June 2023 11:30


Former Trump ally Scaramucci praises Chris Christie after town hall

Former Trump administration official Anthony Scaramucci praised Chris Christie following the New Jersey governor’s CNN town hall on Monday.

“Chris Christie did an amazing job tonight on the CNN Townhall,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday. “I find it interesting that President Trump actually created the lane for Governor Christie. People wanted to see Trump a certain way but ultimately he is corrupt. We are hungry for straight talk and common sense and for a unification. The governor delivered all of those things tonight and more.”

Josh Marcus13 June 2023 10:30


ICYMI: Christie mocks ‘loser’ Trump for taking secret papers ‘on summer vacation’ and accuses him of ‘vanity run amok’

What did Chris Christie have to say during his CNN town hall on Monday.

Catch up with John Bowden’s full story from our DC desk.

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Donald Trump silent on Chris Christie town hall so far

As of late Monday evening, Donald Trump did not comment publicly on Chris Christie’s CNN town hall, where the former New Jersey governor tore into his 2024 rival.

Instead, Mr Trump continued to bang the drum on various Joe Biden conspiracy theories and posted a campaign ad attacking the various indictments against him.

Josh Marcus13 June 2023 08:30


WATCH: Chris Christie raises questions about Joe Biden’s age during CNN town hall

Chris Christie accused both Donald Trump and Joe Biden of being past their “sell-by” dates.

During a Monday town hall event on CNN, the former New Jersey governor and current 2024 hopeful warned that Mr Biden wouldn’t be able to handle future crises.

Here’s our reporting on how age could define the coming debates in US politics.

Josh Marcus13 June 2023 07:30

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