E Jean Carroll’s lawyers have formally asked to amend her remaining defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump to include remarks made by the former president at a recent CNN town hall.

Roberta Kaplan filed a proposed update to the civil court complaint on Monday to include comments made by Mr Trump after he was found liable for the sexual assault and defamation of Ms Carroll by jury trial in New York.

Ms Carroll sued the former president for defamation after he angrily denied allegations in her 2019 memoir that he had sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman in the 1990s.

In 2022, after New York opened a one-year window for survivors of sexual assault to sue their accusers, regardless of when the alleged attacks occurred, she sued him in a separate lawsuit for battery and defamation.

On 9 May the jury deliberating over the second lawsuit awarded Ms Carroll $5m in damages after finding she had proved the case on a preponderous of evidence.

The day after the jury returned its verdict, Mr Trump appeared on a CNN town hall where he branded her sexual abuse claim against him “fake” and a “made up story” during a CNN town hall.

Ms Carroll’s initial defamation lawsuit, dubbed Carroll 1, is still before the courts.

Her attorney Ms Kaplan asked to add allegations “Trump’s public response to the verdict, which involved repeating on CNN statements the Carroll II jury found to be defamatory”.

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