Lauren Boebert hit out at unsubstantiated claims that she was in a romantic relationship with a pro-Trump country singer following her divorce from her longtime husband.

The hard-right congresswoman told The Daily Beast that there was “absolutely nothing romantic” between her and Christian strummer Sean Feucht, nor had there ever been.

“How can I be with a man with better hair than me?” she quipped, referring to Mr Feucht’s chest-length mane of blond curls.

For his part, Mr Feucht called the claims “false and defamatory”, threatening to sue anyone making the accusation.

Ms Boebert, a staunch conservative and outspoken Christian who represents Colorado in the US House of Representatives, filed for divorce from her husband Jayson Boebert last week after more than 15 years together.

Rumours immediately began circulating on Twitter that she had begun romancing Mr Feucht, but those peddling the claim gave no evidence to support it.

Asked for comment on Monday, Ms Boebert said: ““There is absolutely nothing romantic between Sean Feucht and I, nor has there been.

“He is a wonderful friend, and he and I have done a lot of events together. His wife is wonderful, and we have had worship in the [US Capitol] rotunda…

“I have been very, very transparent with my personal life since I started campaigning. And I think there are a lot of politicians who are not transparent.

“They just give the sweet, pretty pieces of their life – and I have been raw in the details of my upbringing and what I have been through, and the challenges my husband and I have faced over the years.”

Since 2020, Mr Feucht has campaigned vigorously against Covid lockdown measures, leading a protest movement called Let Us Worship and running as a Republican for one of California’s seats in the US House.

He is a strong supporter of former president Donald Trump, whom he believes has been unfairly persecuted and who once signed an American flag guitar for him.

According to the Beast, Ms Boebert also blamed the rumours on “the Left” and said there were no skeletons in her closet.

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