Nine people were wounded in a shooting in San Francisco that police describe as “targeted and isolated”.

The shooting took place on Friday evening in the Mission District. The authorities have signalled that all those injured are likely to survive, according to CBS News.

Police responded to the shooting at about 9pm in the area close to 24th Street and Treat Avenue. After 11pm, police said that several people had been taken to hospital and that all of them were set to survive.

The authorities said that since the shooting appeared to have been isolated, there was no further threat to the public.

The shooting took place at a community block party, according to KTVU. Witnesses said it was a drive-by shooting.

The ages of the victim ranged from 19 to 35 with one individual’s age being unknown. The victims, most of whom are in their 20s, have “varying degrees of injuries from non-life threatening to life-threatening,” SFPD Investigations Deputy Chief Raj Vaswani said, according to KTVU.

An aide to Supervisor Hillary Ronen, Santiago Lerma, said that one victim was in surgery. Mr Lerma said that four people were receiving treatment for minor injuries.

He added that he heard gunshots and spotted ambulances arrive.

“I was about 10 feet away with my three-month-old son about an hour before this happened. This is an outlier. This is a very safe neighbourhood generally,” he said, according to the local TV station. He added that he often walks around the area along with his family. “So do many other people, so we’re very concerned about this incident. We want there to be a resolution.”

Ariana Blea was at the block party when the shooting occurred. She said she ran down the street with her 13-year-old nephew to get away, adding that one of her friends was wounded.

“If anyone was doing that who’s watching this right now … we got kids there, our family, people we love and even a person I know got shot. I don’t know where they got shot, but they got shot and they got sent to the hospital. You know, you can’t do that when kids are around,” she told KTVU.

Ms Blea said she is a resident of the area and that she saw people bleeding on the ground, with one person holding their bloodied head. There’s no information regarding a possible suspect or about the vehicle that was used.

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