Donald Trump fans were caught on video harassing a British journalist who asked the indicted former president if he was “ready for jail” as he visited Miami’s Versailles restaurant.

Sophie Alexander, a producer for Sky News, was verbally abused inside the famed eatery which Mr Trump quickly stopped at after he pleaded not guilty to mishandling secret documents at the federal courthouse in the city.

Alexander posted a video on Twitter of Trump supporters angrily confronting her after she asked the question, with one man shouting “Get out you stupid b***h” in her face as she filmed the scene.

Before the journalist was escorted outside, she was booed and branded a “Traitor” while also being told to “Shut up” and “Get the f*** out of here.”

Mr Trump pleaded not guilty at his Tuesday arraignment in a Miami federal courthouse on 37 charges over his handling of classified national security documents after leaving the White House.

The former president had called for Maga supporters to descend on the courthouse but in the end, very few actually bothered to show up for Mr Trump’s second criminal arraignment in two months.

Alexander addressed the incident on Twitter and posted video of the aggressive confrontations.

“I was just thrown out of the Versailles bakery in Miami for asking President Trump if he was ready to go to jail. A man screamed ‘stupid bitch’ in my face while others said I was a ‘traitor’,” she tweeted.

“The moment a man screamed ‘stupid bitch’ in my face after I publicly questioned Donald Trump. Thanks to all those asking, I got out perfectly safely.

“I did not shout ‘Trump for prison’. I asked: ‘President Trump are you ready for jail?’, a perfectly legitimate question.”

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