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Donald Trump marked Memorial Day with a furious Truth Social message that briefly noted the reason for the holiday before descending into one of his usual rants.

In all caps, the ex-president ranted: “Happy memorial day to all, but especially to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country they love, and to those in line of a very different, but equally dangerous fire, stopping the threats of the terrorists, misfits and lunatic thugs who are working feverishly from within to overturn and destroy our once great country, which has never been in greater peril than it is right now. We must stop the communists, marxists and fascist ‘pigs’ at every turn and, make america great again!”

It comes after Mr Trump slammed Disney and his main rival in the 2024 GOP presidential primary, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, claiming that he’s responsible for the entertainment giant becoming “woke”.

Earlier in the weekend, he railed against members of the Texas state legislature who voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton on charges of corruption. The impeachment effort was led by Republicans, whom Mr Trump branded “RINOS” (Republicans in name only).


North Dakota governor running for GOP presidential nomination, aide says

Two-term North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, a former computer software entrepreneur, is running for the Republican presidential nomination, a political aide familiar with the plans told The Associated Press on Friday, putting him in an already crowded field dominated by ex-President Donald Trump,

The aide said Burgum plans to launch his campaign with a June 7 event in Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota. The aide was speaking on the condition of anonymity because the event had not been publicised yet.

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Don Jr says his father has the ‘charisma of a mortician’

Donald Trump Jr called his father a “mortician” in an apparent slip of tongue while attempting to ridicule Ron DeSantis’s glitch-ridden 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter.

Shweta Sharma has the story.

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DeSantis says he would consider pardoning Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday said he would “aggressively” use presidential pardons to free people who’ve been charged or convicted of crimes – including former President Donald Trump.

Oliver O’Connell30 May 2023 04:45


Trump blames DeSantis for Disney becoming ‘woke’ and ‘disgusting’

Donald Trump has criticised Ron DeSantis for not taking on Disney sooner, suggesting his main rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination could have prevented the entertainment giant from becoming – in his words – “woke” and “disgusting”.

Mr Trump lashed out at both Disney and Mr DeSantis on Sunday as the Florida governor remains locked in a feud with one of America’s best-loved brands, after it opposed his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

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Trump’s welcome of Scott into 2024 race shows his calculus

When Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina launched his campaign for the White House last week, the notoriously prickly former President Donald Trump welcomed his new competitor with open arms.

There were no accusations of disloyalty or nasty nicknames from the GOP front-runner like the barrage he unleashed when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, considered his leading rival, joined the race two days later with a bungled Twitter announcement.

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DeSantis tells Trump: ‘You’ve changed’

The former president is leading all other Republican candidates for the party’s presidential nomination, with Mr DeSantis running in second place, according to polls.

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DeSantis signed bill shielding SpaceX and other companies from liability

Ron DeSantis signed a bill that shields SpaceX and other aerospace companies from legal liabilities, the day after Elon Musk hosted the launch of his 2024 campaign bid.

The new Florida law would shield the billionaire’s space flight company, and others such as Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, if crew members or passengers are killed or injured during missions.

Graeme Massie has the story.

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Trump spokesperson appears to mock Buttigieg’s military service

In a Twitter spat between spokespeople for the top two candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, the military service of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared to be used as a cudgel against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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All 20 major lawsuits and investigations Trump is facing

On 30 March, one of those investigations took a major step forward when a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Mr Trump on criminal charges over the hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels in the days before the 2016 presidential election.

On 4 April 2023, Mr Trump pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court to a slew of criminal charges – making him the first current or former US president to ever be charged with a crime.

Here’s what you need to know about all the major investigations and lawsuits against Donald Trump.

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Cheney explains how GOP begged her to lie about Trump

Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney spoke about the political test she faced in the immediate aftermath of January 6 during her address to graduates of Colorado College this weekend.

Ms Cheney, once a member of Republican leadership and now a pariah in her own party, spoke to graduates on Sunday. She graduated from the school with a degree in political science in 1988.

John Bowden reports from Washington, DC.

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