Guam emerges to find ‘major mess’ from Typhoon Mawar

After a rapid intensification, Typhoon Mawar has become the most powerful storm of 2023 globally, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

The typhoon, now known as Betty after entering the oceanic area monitored by the Philippines, is packing current wind speeds of 270km/h.

In its latest update today, the Philippines’s weather agency said the storm is “maintaining its strength” as it continues to move northwards. Several areas in the archipelago are under thunderstorm and landslide warnings.

The Japanese Meteorological Association designated it as a violent typhoon, owing to storms with maximum sustained winds of at least 194km/h.

The typhoon has also surpassed the strength of any storm recorded in 2022, experts say.

Mawar’s intensification came after a brief weakening as it passed by Guam on Wednesday, lashing it with heavy rains and winds that uprooted trees and blew away roofs and cars.

According to the Guam Power Authority, nearly all of the island’s 52,000 homes and businesses experienced power outages, with only 1,000 retaining electricity.

There are no reports of loss of life, but extensive damage was reported, alongside localised flooding, fallen debris and downed power lines.


Typhoon Mawar becomes 2023′s most intense storm

After rapid intensification, Typhoon Mawar has become the most intense storm of 2023, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC).

Mawar’s peak winds have surged to 175 mph, accompanied by gusts nearing 210 mph, JWTC said.

The typhoon has also surpassed the strength of any storm recorded in 2022 and now stands equivalent to a category 5 super typhoon.

These unprecedented wind speeds have brought the typhoon into the ranks of the five most powerful typhoons ever documented in the month of May.

Stuti Mishra26 May 2023 06:13


Mawar now called Betty as it enters Philippines monitor region

Super Typhoon Mawar has crossed into the Philippines monitoring reigion, where it is now being referred to as “Betty” by monitors.

The Philippines uses its own names for typhoons that enters its “area of responsibility.”

The storm is a Category 5, but is not expected to make significant landfall in the Philippines at its current strength.

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 12:00


Mawar 9th typhoon since 1950 to reach Category 5 equivalent status in May

Only eight other typhoons have reached a Category 5 status in May since 1950. Mawar will be the ninth.

Typhoon season typically lasts from April until December. Typhoons gaining a Category 5 equivalent status this early in the season are typically rare.

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 11:00


Flights affected, no-sail warning issued in Philippines

Dozens of flights have been cancelled at Manila airport as Typhoon Mawar inches closer to the Philippines, where it is now known as Betty.

Weather advisories were issued for several northern regions, including northern Luzon and eastern parts of Cagayan as the typhoon threatens to bring heavy rains and gusts of winds.

A no-sail warning has been put in place in the Philippines, with the disaster management authority put under alert in capital Manila.

Typhoon Mawar, regained its strength in the last couple of days as it moved westwards and is now the strongest storm of 2023.

Namita Singh27 May 2023 10:00


Typhoon to ‘maintain its strength’

Typhoon Mawar, now known as Betty after entering the oceanic area monitored by the Philippines, is packing current winds speed of 270km/h.

It is maintaining “its strength while moving west northwestward”, tweeted the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration.

Namita Singh27 May 2023 09:14


Jim Cantore shares satellite imagery of the enormous Mawar

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 09:00


Flash floods, surf warnings in effect

A surf warning was issued for Guam and the Northern Marianas ahead of Typhoon Mawar, according to the National Weather Service. The warning will continue through Saturday, and includes a risk of rip currents.

The agency also said there was the potential for heavy rains and flooding on Friday night in the region.

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 08:00


ICYMI: Typhoon Mawar hits Guam

Typhoon Mawar has made landing on the US territory of Guam, leaving extreme damage and power outages behind.

Andrea Blanco and Ariana Baio report:

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 07:00


ICYMI: Identical twin meteorologists guide Guam through Typhoon Mawar

As typhoon Mawar aimed its fury at Guam, residents facing terrifying winds and crashing waves from the strongest storm to hit the US Pacific territory in decades had identical twin meteorologists to keep them informed — and to provide the outside world with a glimpse of the chaos unfolding on the remote island.

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 06:00


Typhoon Odette vs Mawar: Most powerful typhoons to hit the Philippines

The Philippines is considered the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms as approximately 20 cyclones enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), the area of the ocean the country monitors, yearly.

As the country once again prepares for the onslaught of this powerful cyclone, here are some of the strongest storms that have battered the country in recent times.

Graig Graziosi27 May 2023 04:59

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