Zara Larsson has raised eyebrows with a comment where she suggested a critic should go and work at McDonald’s.

The Swedish pop star, known for hits including “Ruin My Life” and “Can’t Tame Her”, was responding to a music fan who mocked her over a recent interview.

Larsson noticed the Twitter user had questioned her decision to be interviewed by Pop Crave, a social media-based pop culture platform, referring to it ”kinda the lowest someone can fall omg”.

The 25-year-old singer replied: “Ok but here you are seeing it so I guess it worked and Pop Crave have always been genuinely supportive of me so why wouldn’t I give them my time? I heard McDonald’s wanted to interview you for new shifts

Her parting quip has led to criticism, with some “disappointed” fans accusing her of classisim.

“No one is lesser than you for working a fast food job my love,” one fan wrote, with another adding: “See I was with you until you used working at McDonalds as a put down as if you’re better than a McDonald’s worker.”

“It’s insane how classist rich people get when their wealth or status gets questioned or dragged,” one critic added.

Meanwhile, another fan stated: “Using part time work as a drag is so corny n classist bc it clearly shows u see fast food workers as people below you.”

Zara Larsson has been accused of ‘classism’ following a recent tweet


The Independent has contacted Larsson for comment.

Larsson released her latest album Poster Girl in 2021. She will make her acting debut this year in the forthcoming Netflix show A Part of You, opposite Felicia Maxime and Edvin Ryding, who both starred in the streaming service’s hit show Young Royals.

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